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The original Pronto watch company was established in the famous Jahre region of Switzerland in 1890. It was one of the Swiss brands that could not recover from the Quartz watch onslaught in the 70’s and finally ceased operations in 2000 when it was sold to Stelux Holdings.

Stelux is a Hong Kong based company and also owns the Universal Geneve, Cyma and Solvil et Titus brands and either have the same ownership or a close business tie-up with the City Chain group who carry these brands in their outlets. These brands may still have similar Quality and build as the original brands but they have nowhere near the same pedigree or style as the original brands. Universal Geneve for example once stood shoulder-to-shoulder to the likes of Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Patek Philippe and Rolex.

ProntoI mentioned in a previous post that I had a Pronto watch project ongoing. My Pronto Incabloc is a vintage Swiss model that I picked up for less than $20 more than 10 years ago. It has never been serviced whilst I have owned it and has always worked accurately every time I put it on. Josh, ‘spotted’ it in my collection a couple of years ago when his Tag was in for repairs. We put a new strap on it and he has been using it since.

A couple of weeks ago the crystal and second hand magically ‘fell off‘ while he was wearing it. I had no concerns about being able to replace the crystal but was not sure what to do about the hand. Unique Time De Watch in the Bencoolen came to the rescue. He managed to fit a Rolex second hand and the watch is happily ticking away and ready for new adventures with Josh.

How much did this Project cost? – less than $20 🙂

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  1. I bought my furst watch in 1958, a Pronto Super Sport, its been laying in my house since. This summer i lost a very expensive watch and by accident i found the Pronto Super Sport, i started it up and it have been working fine sine, and akso everybody thinks i have a very cool watch.

    • Olav,

      Thanks for your note.

      If you could send me a picture of your watch, I would like to put it on the blog.

      Also, if you can tell me a bit about yourself, that would be great. For example, what country you are from and perhaps what you do or used to do for a living. If you send me a picture that would be even better.


  2. I was given a Pronto Tropic Master as a gift from my father when he had went to Hong Kong. It is an amazing watch, and in all honesty I’d rather wear this than some of the watches out there today. I could happily send some pictures of it, if you like!

    • Shivdas,
      It would be good if you could provide a picture of the watch BUT I doubt if it is a copy.
      Pronto watches were made until the early 70’s. The brand was then bought and re-launched by the City Chain group.
      Regards / Raymon

  3. Back in 1992, I bought my first automatic watch, and that was Pronto Tropic Master 25 jewels. Is it Hong Kong made? I was not like wearing watch actually, so that Pronto usually sat inside a closet, or a drawer, or hid high on the top of a chest. Only when I go on a special occasion, I wear that Pronto :-)). My Pronto is still working so well. Maybe, I might reconsider to wear a wrist watch again.. (sorry my bad English).

  4. Hi, my fiyonce lives in hong kong yesterday i met her for the first time, she gifted me a watch of pronto, i liked it very much i really wanted to have such watch but m a bit confused about the functions of the watch and alos iwould like to know the price of the watch, i know its a bit weired that m asking the price but its not like that m comparing her gift its just to make sure that she didn’t spend a lot to buy that beautiful gift for me… actually the watch looks a bit expensive…
    Please provide me the details of price and function of the same in my email id.
    The model no. Of the watch is ; 15-0079-002

  5. Hi! My mom has a gold Pronto Incabloc watch. It’s missing the bracelet part. It has a number in the back as follows:


    Not sure what that number represents, if it’s a unique piece…Would you happen to know? Thanks!

  6. Hi there!! you are a very rare species – a Pronto enthusiast. I collect vintage watches myself and came across a Pronto early last year. I’d love to send you pictures so you could share them on your blog. What’s your email?

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