Mismatched Omega Serial Numbers

Franc got the Moonwatch we bought from Chuan Watch in Singapore last year, serviced by Omega, in Australia a few weeks ago. It was working fine but he wanted it running 100%. It had a full maintenance service which included replacement of the plexiglass, crown, pushers and seals. It cost close to $800 and the watch is now working as good as new.

The service also helped confirm something that I have read about – and experienced once before in a Moonwatch I owned for a short time about 7 years ago.

Franc’s watch has¬†mismatched serial numbers. The serial numbers on the case (as seen here) do not match the serial numbers on the cal 861 movement. Watchmakers and collectors I have spoken to usually say that this happens when there is something wrong with the case or movement and one or the other has been replaced at some point in the life of the watch.

The real answer is actually a little odd and something that appears to only happen with Moonwatches. It seems that Omega is in the ‘habit’ of shipping out Moonwatches with mismatched serial numbers. Not sure why and hopefully one of you readers have some insight to share on this mini phenomenon.

Whilst looking for other references, I came upon this post on the Philippine Watch Club that refers to exactly the same thing and even has an excerpt of an email from Omega (Swatch) in Singapore that confirms that such does indeed happen.

Having this confirmed first hand is good news for me – and the post on the Philippine site just helps reinforce this. I am sure I will come across other Moonwatches that have mismatched serial numbers and when I do, I will feel less apprehensive as to their provenance. You never know, you might be able to negotiate a better price because of this ‘defect’.

Have any of you ever had other Omega’s or other brands of watches with different serial numbers?

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  1. Hi Ray, my name’s Gordon from Singapore too, I’m 23 and have just started developing an interest in vintage watches, particularly the Omega Seamaster. However, i’m still schooling and working part-time which doesn’t pay much, but i’m slowly saving up to invest in a good watch. Are there are particular shops around Singapore which you could recommend to visit? My budget is around 500 (although i’d hope to get a good deal for an Omega at 150, like yourself). It’d be awesome to get a reply from you, and hopefully I can learn a great deal more about vintage watches from you. Thanks! Oh and if you could contact me by my email it’d be great! gordoncwh@gmail.com

    • Gordon,

      Firstly, my apologies for the slow response. I have been away on holiday in the Bahamas and New York and only just returned yesterday.

      Please see this previous post about where to buy a watch in Singapore – http://raytime.ozlady.com/797/where-to-buy-a-watch-in-singapore/

      I would start at Ken’s Vintage Watch if you have a low budget. You should be able to pick up a non sports model Omega for less than $500.

      Please let me know how you go and thank you for reading my blog.

      If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask and let me know how your search goes.



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