I was in New York last week on holiday and by coincidence Alex sent me a link to Hodinkee, a watch website that is apparently one of the most widely read wristwatch publications in the world.

Outside_GrahameFowlerIt featured a video on Grahame Fowler and his 13 Milsubs. As luck would have it, we had a couple of hours available that very afternoon and we made the trek to visit Grahame’s shop in the West Village. Aside from offering for sale some pretty unique timepieces, Grahame Fowler is  better known for the men’s clothing he produces and sells on a limited edition basis – and perhaps to a lesser extent vintage scooters-

Cool clothes, vintage scooters and really unique timepieces, Grahame is a dangerous person to know as one would easily be tempted to hand over cash to acquire some of his wares. This is something I almost did myself. One of the watches he had for sale was a nicely aged, snowflake Tudor Submariner. It was in pretty good condition and the dial and bezel had faded to an unusual greyish colour. It presented very well and he was asking a reasonable price for it.

GrahameFowlerIf I had seen it earlier on in my trip I would have bought it on the spot. I always prefer to be able to touch and feel a watch as opposed to buying one off ebay. More importantly Grahame was very friendly and clearly a watch enthusiast as well. It was my loss that we could not strike a deal that day BUT it is always a fantastic experience meeting someone like Grahame and I am sure our paths will cross again.


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