Cuervo y Sobrinos

We were in the Bahamas recently and at the Atlantis. Like with most casinos around the world there were a number of premium shops within a stone’s throw throughout the complex – and naturally there were a few watch shops as well.

HistoriadorOne of the watches that caught my eye in one of the shops was this Historiador. It was selling for $2700. This was definitely more than I was willing to spend on what I thought was a new fashion brand. Dianah, the sales lady was very helpful and gave an 84 page brochure to take back with me to help me decide.

The brochure explained a little about the brand and this piqued my interest further to get on the web to find out a little more. The brand was established in Havana Cuba in 1882. There are loads of Cuervo watches for sale on ebay, mostly from before 1970. The brand also issued watches in collaboration with the likes of Cyma, Ulysse Nardin, Baume & Mercier and Girard Perregaux.

From what I can see, the brand has started rebuilding its presence and has even taken part in Baselworld and SIHH so they certainly appear to be an up and comer and I will continue to look out for them in my travels. You never know, I may even end up buying one.

You learn something new everyday and this was indeed a pleasant surprise as I never thought I would learn something about watches whilst in the Bahamas. 🙂

P.S. – Every Cuervo watch comes in a beautiful Humidor!

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