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We haven’t been posting much on our blog but that doesn’t mean we have not been busy. Over Christmas and the New Year we’ve had quite a few of our readers or friends reach out to us on advice on where to buy or watch or how to get their watch repaired or serviced.

Sacha for example wanted to get this Cartier watch serviced and polished in a hurry and Tootokei was able to help him out for about $250. He did end up paying more than double than what we would have but it would have meant taking it to two different watchmakers and would therefore have taken a little longer.

We ended up selling the Omega Cosmic we had listed for sale on our website and made a new acquaintance in the process. Siew Pang ended up buying it for his dad and we spent more than an hour chatting about watches when we met to close the transaction.

We have been communicating over the last couple of weeks and he ended up going to Unique Time to get his brother’s Omega (pictured here) to get a complete service for just over $100.00. It is a 100% original watch with a nicely aged dial that adds to it collectability. Models from that period also came with a date window at the 6 o’clock and if this was one of those models, the watch would be even more of a collector’s item.

This 1956, gold fil Omega was apparently however one of the first production models with a quick set date function. Not sure what the Calibre number is as it is a little hard to tell from the photos. The most important fact however is that another enthusiast got his watch, which has sentimental value to him, running again.


I was introduced to Luke by a good friend and he was in Singapore on holiday a few weeks ago. He managed to track down and buy his dream watch which he has been thinking about for some time. He picked up this Zenith from Sincere Watches at Vivo City. As a tourist that was entitled to a tax refund and with some good negotiation skills he ended up getting a pretty hefty discount over the list price.

Have been working on a few other projects as well such as Peter’s Rolex 1601, a new crystal and some repairs to my Breitling and a Seiko 5 that has now gone to a good home (I think).

Still a lot to do including listing a couple of watches!

I was pretty busy in December having travelled to 6 countries and 9 cities over the space of about 4 weeks so I could not give every query the attention it deserved. Circumstances have changed and I have been ‘grounded’ for the next few months so please keep those questions coming.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    I really appreciate for your time and advise given on watches.
    I learned a lot from you.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Siew Pang

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