BNIB – Brand New In Box

We sometimes see on ebay or hear about BNIB watches for sale.

Some of us might be concerned that there might be something mechanically wrong with these watches or worse that they could be stolen.

Whether you are buying a new, used or BNIB watch, the same common rules would apply. It it is off ebay, I would look at the reputation of the seller. A high transaction seller with very high or 100% satisfaction ratings would be a safe bet. A watch reseller who has been around for years and whom you have dealt with previously of who has a good reputation would also be quite safe.

I would simply avoid or walk away from any retail situation where I did not feel comfortable!

How do these sellers get these BNIB watches?

(1) Older models are sometimes sold by retailers at discounted prices to clear stock.

(2) Some collectors buy a watch and then sells them after a couple of years for a good price. I know this guy in Beach Road (in Singapore) who has quite a few of such watches and I believe he makes a good profit from doing this.

(3) Unwanted Gifts or Prizes

At the end of the day, would I buy a BNIB watch? The answer is a resounding yes, after considering the points above.



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