Seiko Kinetic watches do not reset themselves…

Seiko KineticChong came into the office the other day with a Seiko Kinetic Perpetual Calendar watch. It looked alright but the fact that it was a perpetual calendar watch was what made it interesting.

Most perpetual watches costs thousands of dollars whereas this watch cost about $650.00

They have built-in sensors that tell the wearer if the watch has been inactive for at least 24 hours. If the watch senses this, it will automatically put itself in sleep mode. To awaken the watch, the wearer simply gives it a shake of the wrist, and it will automatically reset the time and the date.

By coincidence Jon and I were in Mustapha the next day and we were looking at these watches. Of the half dozen we tried, only one reset itself to the correct day, date and time. All the others did not.

I had to find out why.

After doing some ‘research’, I came across a few website’s that explained some of the instances when your kinetic watch may not reset itself correctly. These are:

– when you change time zones.

– when your watch has been not been worn for a while, it will need to be re-set manually but they do have quite a long reserve with the newer models able to be left idle for up to 4 years.

– when the ESU (Electrical Storage Unit) does eventually need to be replaced.

To me these Seiko’s are quite amazing and a triumph of micro miniaturization. Seiko filed more than 50 patents for the Kinetic project.

I spotted a very nice looking, previously owned model just 2 days ago that was less then $500.00. Looked very, very presentable and if I did not have so many watches on hand at the moment, I might have given it closer consideration.

If you are willing to pay $700 or $800 for a very unique Seiko, you should give these watches a closer look!

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