Breitling “Quiz”

Just collected this Breitling that had been in the shop for repairs. It was dropped because it was not put away properly after it was used and needed a new crystal. It also needed to have the 6 o’clock marker re-attached after it had come loose in the fall.

Project Cost – $15.00

It was not a complete waste of time as I had to drop of Gary’s much abused Rolex 6694 for a complete overhaul.

timegrapherWhen placed on a timegrapher, it was running fast at about 137 s/d. If this was my watch and if that was the only thing wrong with it, I would have not given it a complete overhaul.

I wear a different watch almost every day so gaining less than 3 minutes in a day is not really a big deal. Also, as many of you know. I am not a proponent of getting a watch serviced every couple of years as many watchmakers recommend. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In this case, the watch belonged to Gary’s brother-in-law and the watch had seen better days. It has had work done in the past, primarily to the dial, hands, date wheel and bracelet. Decent enough job but instead of replacing the Oyster bracelet, the watch had a 2nd hand, rolled, early model 1601 Jubilee bracelet fitted. Not sure why but…

The costs of repairs work out to be:

$ 80.00- Complete Service
$15.00 – New crystal
$120.00- New (original) crown and crown stem
$ 30.00 – Complete polish of case and bracelet with movement and crystal removed.

The job will take about 10 days and I will be able to pick it up this week. The work comes with a 6 month warranty and I am sure the watch will look as good as new.

I will be sure to post a picture of the watch when I get it back.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of this post.

I have owned this 100% original Breitling for close to 10 years but I am still unsure as to what model it is or any history behind this particular model.

I would appreciate if readers could do a little digging and let me know what they can find out about this watch model. Thanks!

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  1. HI Ray!

    Thanks for many good and interesting articles about watches.

    I read them all the time and always learn something new.

    Keep up the good work,

    Ciao, Tom

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