Why an Omega Moonwatch?

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This may sound a little pretentious but I have now realized why I don’t find the moon watch that appealing ( I know we all have different tastes) but I just find it common XXXX has one for sale every second day. Which brings me to the million dollar question why do you find it so appealing?
This is an email I received from one of our readers a couple of days ago as he knows I like moonwatches.
The first moonwatch I actually looked at closely (and bought) was being worn by a French schoolteacher in Saigon, one rainy Saturday afternoon as he was parking his 30 year old Vespa scooter just in front of where I was standing.
The scooter, the way this guy was dressed, the weather, the noisy Saigon street scene and the watch is a scene that is still indelibly etched in my memory.
The watch was on a NATO strap and it just looked good. It was a Cal 861 that had seen better days. I am not sure what happened to the stainless steel bracelet and the dial and hands had that nicely and correctly aged look. I bought it for about $1300.00 and it still runs perfectly. Aside for a clean with soap and water and a new NATO strap, it has never been serviced, keeps accurate time and is still one of my favourite watches.
1. Until the moonwatch, I was always wearing a Rolex. In Singapore, every man and his dog has a Rolex GMT or Submariner (I have 4). They are the symbol of moderate success and is worn like a badge. There are also numerous fakes. The moonwatch on the other hand is a recognisable enough watch but not as a common and I have never actually comes across a good fake.
2. They look understated. The ubiquitos six hand chronograph and the 42 mm case does not shout “look at me” like a Breitling does.
3. Unlike a sub or many other watches, the moonwatch looks good worn-in. in. If you have one with the correct patina and even scratches on the bezel, to me they look ‘correctly aged’ as opposed to poorly looked after.
4. They are certainly one of the most affordable mid-range watches on the previously owned market and still hold their value unlike an ORIS, Zenith, Breitling, IWC etc. I have never had to keep a moonwatch for more than a fortnight and I still have a couple on “backorder” from friends who are looking for one – at the right price.
5. Some watches are just comfortable to wear. I must say this is one of the reasons why I like my Rolexes. I have had Hamilton’s, Tissot’s, TIMEX, Seiko’s, other Omega’s and a range of other watches that I have sold or given away as I did not like the way they sat and felt on my wrist.
There is however one thing I dislike about the moonwatch or Omega’s in general. They are owned by The Swatch Group and these guys just keep milking a good thing and launch “new versions” of what is essentially the same watch over and over again to the unsuspecting public and charge a ridiculous premium for the privilege.
In the moonwatch’s case for example we have the anniversary models, models with sapphire crystals, automatic versions and other variations of the same theme. I would almost never buy one of these as they are severely overpriced.
The basic moonwatch is what I buy any time I come across one at a good price and hope to continue doing so for years to come.

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  1. Hey Ray, how do u do ?

    I would like to ask, most of the Omegas I saw from the 50s or 60s, they do not have the COSC print on it, including the Speedmaster as well. Were they like Patek in the sense that their standard was better than COSC or that their watches were not COSC certified ?


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