Shop Around and Get the Best Price

My son Joshua and I were out getting a new strap for his F1 Tag Heuer and while waiting to get the new strap fitted we chanced upon a shop in Bras Basah Complex (in Singapore) that sold Luminox watches.

After trying on a few models we settled on the 7051 as he liked the look and fit. It had a recommended retail price of $490.00 and after some tough bargaining managed to knock it down to $325.00

Luminox 7051
Luminox 7051

I asked the shopkeeper if he would accept $260.00 for the watch as I thought I remembered seeing it for sale at that price at Sim Lim Square but he would not budge. so we left the shop and went to check out the price at Sim Lim.

It turned out that the shop in Sim Lim was selling it for almost the same price. As we were not in a hurry to buy the watch I decided to try my luck on line and was pleasantly surprised when I found one for sale for $180.00. I contacted the seller and picked the watch up a couple of days later.

The moral of the story is – do not hesitate to shop around for the best price on any watch you want to buy. We managed to buy the watch we wanted for 1/3 of the RRP just because we took our time and shopped around.


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