Omega – milking it for all it is worth

You have to hand it to them, the folks at Omega really know how to get maximum mileage with minimal risk and effort.

What am I talking about?

Omega has over the last decade made modifications to a couple of their iconic models but kept the overall look of these watches the same.

omega_dark side of the moonomega_titaniumWith the moonwatch for example, we have seen the release of the all black ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and the ‘Blue-Titanium’ in the last year. At first glance they both look very similar to a moonwatch – and Omega is milking this association with the original iconic watch for all it is worth.

They are both great watches but I am just not sure if they “qualify” as ‘moonwatches’.

  • Perhaps the biggest difference to me is that the original moonwatch came with a Cal.861 movement (that was later upgraded to a Cal.1861). These new “moonwatches” come with a Cal.9300 co-axial movement.
  • Original moonwatches are 42mm. These new watches are 44.25mm
  • Original moonwatches were manual wind. These new watches are automatic.
  • Original moonwatches had plexiglass crystals, the new wacthes have anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Original moonwatches have 3 sub-dials, these watches have 2.
  • Original moonwatches did not have a date window. These new watches have the date at 6 o’clock.

I guess Toyota does the same thing. They have been releasing different models of the ‘Corolla’ since the 70’s. The car you see today is very, very different from the original KE20 but that does not stop them for saying that the Corolla is the next selling car in the world.

Given all the negative publicity the swatch group has been getting, I guess they know better than yours truly how to sell and market a brand successfully.


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