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I was at a conference in Singapore recently and saw this chap wearing an unusual looking watch.

On Day 2 of the conference we started talking and of course one of the first things I asked him was what sort of watch he was wearing. It was a carbon fibre Baldieri. What made the watch stand out even more was the strap the watch was on.

It turns out that Anthony made the strap himself and is quite an avid blogger and (more importantly to me) has a keen eye for watches.

Met him again a couple of weeks later and saw that he was wearing a re-issue Polprof and just today I saw that he has recently acquired a re-issue Z-33.

I have considered buying both watches in the past and after much umming and ahing decided not to because of either their resale value or difficulty to repair (in the case of the Z-33.

More of thinking with my head than with my heart – which is probably what a true watch aficionado would do.

His site is an interesting read and you can link to it from here.

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  1. Dear Raymon,

    You’re analysis of heart versus head is spot on. For me, I had to buy the Z-33 new as the second hand market for this piece is thin.

    For the proplof, the sale value in Singapore has dropped to about 10.5k new.For the sake of the four year warranty and avoiding issues of buying from an unknown source online, I felt it a good purchase new.

    I believe both are so unique I will only part with them under duress, so in the long term resale is not a problem in my mind.

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