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Have been working on some commercial projects and travelling quite a fair bit so we had a backlog of watch projects that we finally got around to working on yesterday.

The limited edition America’s Cup ‘6-hand’ Speedmaster you see here belongs to Oli. It has been sent back to Omega in Switzerland at least once before and has all sorts of things wrong with it.

Looking at the patina on the dial and the insides, it is obvious what has led to it’s sorry state. The watch has had some serious water damage at some point in its life. Probably as a result of one of the gaskets on the pushers or crown failing. Water has seeped in and when it was sent back to Omega the work was either not done completely or correctly.

The latest ailment the watch is suffering from is that the white marker at 3 o’clock has fallen off the dial and wedged itself in one of the sub-dials and jammed the watch. Probably wedged itself loose and fallen off due to the water damage it has had in the past.

We had to remove the case back, remove the movement and dial, “liberate” the marker from the subdial and stick it back on the dial in the correct position and then re-assemble the whole watch back again.

It took about 30 minutes and cost about $10 to do. The watch could do with a service and this will cost about $150 but I only recommend doing this if (a) we can get a replacement dial for it and/or (b) if the watch is not keeping time.

We have used our old and trusty watch winder (that has seen better days) to time it for accuracy overnight and it seems fine so I will return it to Oli when I next see him and let him ‘enjoy’ it for a while.

Lesson: Unless you are willing to accept the consequences and risk damaging or losing your watch, DO NOT WEAR YOUR WATCH IN WATER.

I know this guy who used to wear his planet ocean when surfing. Big mistake!

When I am doing something extreme (in and out of the water) I opt for something less expensive that will not hurt so much if and when it gets damaged. In my case it is a $25 CASIO divers watch. Al was using this watch when we rode from Vietnam to China in 2012 and you can see it featured in older posts where I wrote about the ride we did.

Another good alternative is the 2008 Seiko Monster pictured here that Simon asked me to pick up for him yesterday. (The new models have triangular shaped stick markers and different hands). Picked it up at about 8.30 last night so I popped it on the winder beside the Omega to see if it is keeping time.

It is running fine but I think it could do with a general service. This will cost about $50. It looks like the watch has not been worn for some time and as is the case with mechanical watches (and anything else mechanical) they need to be used regularly to ensure they do not seize up. The movement on this Seiko seems a bit ‘sticky’.

Has to get a replacement battery on Steph’s Issey Miyake Trapezoid and also have a world-time Promaster that will have to go back to Citizen to see what can be done about it as it looks like it has had a short-circuit. It will probably cost more than the watch is worth but the watch has sentimental value. Have a few more projects that need attention and I will try and update the blog as we go along.

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