Would you buy a Tag Heuer?

Hi Ray

Always pleasure to read your blogs for a naive watch lover like me..I read somewhere your views that you are hesitant to pay more than 1000 for a Tag but I am really fancied by some of their chronos.. so would you stop me investing in Aquaracer? I Live in Singapore and slowly getting carried away by a good offer by Vincent watch shop here in Jurong..

looking forward to hear from you.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages even though I have not been updating the blog as well as I should / could be. I have been so busy with this new client that I totally missed out on posting anything last month!

Thanks for your patience and please keep those messages coming.

I received the above message yesterday.

To the gentleman who sent me this message, my advice would be – please feel free to buy any watch you feel comfortable wearing.

I have bought more than half a dozen Tag Heuer watches over the years and yes, I would hesitate paying more than $1000 for one – but this is strictly a personal preference. This is a link to one of the reasons for this.

Like most other Swiss watch brands, the prices of Tag watches have been going up over the years and they have positioned themselves very well but I think that there are so many other “better” watches out there if you have more than $1000 to spend.  Style, tastes and what we consider value for money varies significantly so there is no right or wrong answer to this question just personal preferences. The owner of this car thinks it looks nice so who I am to judge?


Happy collecting!


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