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Whilst I have not been posting on the blog, I have been quite busy with a few projects.

Just bought another Japan, Monster posted on the Rolex Forum that was less than a month old for about 75% of the brand new price. We also have a couple of genuine Swiss Mickey Mouse watches in for repair, a Seiko Chrono from the 70’s and a Seiko Diver’s watch.

It is still quite cheap to get a watch repaired in Singapore but prices are creeping up. A regular ‘3-hand’ watch still costs about $40 but a chronograph will set you back $90.

Not a ridiculous amount of money but if you are like me when I first started collecting and buy up any good bargain you come across, you will soon have a fair few watches to keep running and the costs will start to add up. Many of these watches at the end of the day, will also not be worth more than a couple of hundred dollars so they are not really an investment in the conventional sense of the word.

If any of you have a watch you want repaired, please feel free to let me know and I will try and point you in the right direction. Also if you are like AG and need help with something like what he needs help with, please feel free to let me know.

This is a message I received a few days ago and I am looking forward to finding out what sort of watches we are talking about. Hopefully, some of them will need up on this blog or in my collection 🙂

Ray. I have about 12 vintage watches in my collection—mostly american iconic brands—I want to sell. can U help. I live in Singapore, ex/oz.
Love to hear from you..
Cheers. AG



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  1. Hi Ray

    I was researching on Tags when i came across your website. I am looking for a work/dress watch (birthday present to myself) and was wondering if you could recommend a good one for around 1k SGD? i had a look at your posts and understand that you recommended SEIKOs LONGINES ? Would you recommend me getting an automatic or a Quatz ? Which brands should i look at ?

    I was very close to getting a TAG Caliber 7 Carerra today but after looking though your posts i probably will be putting my purchase on hold.

    I would very much appreciate your comments and reply

    thank you

    • Keong,

      Thanks for your message.

      For around S$1K you could get a really nice Citizen, Seiko, Hamilton or Tissot.

      Definitely go for a Automatic unless you are looking at a “special” quartz watch like a Tissot T-Touch which only comes as a Quartz watch.


  2. Hi ray, come across your blog. I m interested in tissot n longines leather watch that is less than sgd 500. Havr any watch on hand that you would like to sell away. I based in singapore. Thanks

    • Sorry, I do not have any Longines or Tissot watch in that price range.

      I do have an IWC that is about 33mm for sale for that price. It presents well enough but it has a loose caseback and is therefore NOT waterproof but it is an IWC.

      Let me know if you are interested.

  3. Hi Ray,

    Stumbled across your blog and am finding it extremely interesting!

    I picked up an old Seiko 5 at an overseas flea market recently, with 7009 movement and Spanish/English days.

    Unfortunately it is in pretty bad shape, with scratches and faded lumens.

    Would like to ask you for some recommendations on where I can get it cleaned and sent for basic maintenance at a fair price (especially since the watch itself is not very expensive). Most of the links online seem geared toward luxury watches.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jamie,

      Kudos to you for trying to resurrect an old watch!

      You can try Unique Time at the Bencoolen. They should be able to do it for about $40. If you want something cheaper and are willing to wait 2 – 3 months, you can send me the watch and I should be able to get it fixed for about $10.

      I send it to a chap I know in Jakarta and that is what they charge. Workmanship is not the best but if it is not a very expensive watch and all you need is a good service this may be a good alternative for you.

      Let me know.


  4. Hi Ray, thank you for sharing your valuable experience.
    Do you know of any place ( Singapore) which is reasonable and good in servicing chronograph?
    Also, i have an very old watch ( LANGE) which was passed to me by an German friend…lots of patina.
    Do you know anywhere here who is good at restoration to recommend?

    Appreciate your time. Thank you Ray!

    • Lim,

      You can do it at Unique Time at the Bencoolen.

      For the Lange, we can get it working and keeping time but the patina may be a difficult one to “fix”. Send me a picture at and I will “advise” you accordingly.

      Regards / Raymon

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