Orient Bambino – Thai version

Readers know that I like the Orient Bambino and a few of my friends like Alex, Mohan and Andrew have ended up owning one based on my recommendation.

I have however always held off owning one myself and aside from the fact that prices have slowly been creeping upwards these last few years, I am glad that I did.

We were in Bangkok last week for a short break and I just walked into this watch shop in MBK on a whim and saw this limited edition Bambino for sale. It was the rose gold version and I bought it on sight 🙂

These models sell for about $310 (which is what the list price is). You can normally negotiate at least 20% off the list price for the regular watches but because these are “limited edition” watches the shop would not budge on price.

Showed a picture of it to a buddy in Oz that night and I ended up getting him one as well!


I wore the watch for the first time the other day and it was a hit. There are heaps of reviews on the internet about what a great watch the Bambino is and I even saw someone’s comments on watchuseek about this particular variation.

Do I still think the Bambino is a great watch, yes I do! This guy even managed to fit a steel bracelet to it and it looks good as well.

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  1. Hi Ray, do you still have details of the shop in MBK?

    Will try my luck if they still have the Thai version.


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