Seiko Marinemaster

marinemasterBecause of Simon, I’ve started looking a lot more closely at Seiko watches these last few months. This latest acquisition was purchased from a contact that was made off the Rolex Forum.

Readers will know that I am quite cynical about paying more than $1000 for a watch that is not an Omega or Rolex so when I was asked to pay that for a Seiko I was quite hesitant. I changed my mind as soon I got my hands on the watch. The build quality is almost as good as that of a Rolex. The clasp is probably the only “weak-link” in the watches design.

The watch in question is a March 2010 Marinemaster that the previous owner bought less than 6 months previously from K2 and was selling at 65% of the purchase price. Aside from some minor desk dive marks the watch was in a great condition and is working great.

We are in Jakarta this week and because Simon and I were so busy talking watches, Sam wanted in on the action. He ended up getting a watch of his own this week as a daily beater – until he is old enough to wear his vintage Favre Leuba.

FullSizeRender (1)

I think there will be some more adventures that involve a Sumo, Tuna or Monster in the coming months so watch this space!


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