Orient Bambino SG50

We all know I like Orient watches. I was at a regular watch haunt on Saturday the 23rd of May and saw these Orient SG50 watches for sale.

I considered buying them but dismissed the idea as I already had the one I bought in Thailand a few months ago and I was not really in the market for a new watch.

The next day, on Sunday morning, Simon, another buddy and a couple of readers of this blog sent me messages asking me about these watches.

Seeing heaps on them for sale the day before I said, “don’t worry, I am Ray On Time and I will get them for you”. I was wrong.

I jumped in my car and was at a couple of my regular Orient dealers by 11 am and there was not a single set available. They were all sold out.

I managed to get my hands on the “last pair” at the RRP of S$500 and put the word out to my “network” to get me a few more sets for my friends and anyone else who would be interested.

Voila! I managed to get these at a slight premium and most of them have been snapped up.


You can read a decent review of these watches at the NUS Horology Club blog and there are heaps of other Bambino reviews out there so I will not bore you with another one. The Bambino is a known entity, not very costly and is a reliable, ‘bulletproof’ watch.

Orient has released a statement saying that they will NOT be releasing another special SG50 edition. Kudos to them!

BALL is another watch that has announced a release of a limited edition SG50 watch. These retail for more then S$2000 and to me BALL watches are now overpriced.

If you are looking for something that is unique but not very pricey, this is the option to go for. I still have a couple of sets left so if any reader is interested, let me know.

SOLD! No More Watches Available

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