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Simon introduced me to “watch modding” a few months ago. This is a trend that is gaining popularity amongst watch aficionados.

007The most popular model to mod is the Seiko SKX007 like the one you see in this picture but you can mod any number of different Seiko models.

This watch shown here has been modified very slightly and was actually purchased that way. It’s bezel has been changed from black to a dark blue and has a 22mm NATO strap from

You can mod other watch brands as well but none are as popular as Seiko. I think Seiko’s are popular because you get a very high quality project watch for the price you pay and the SKX007 and Seiko 5 models can be modified to look like anything from a Blancpain to an Omega Planet Ocean.

I got this donor Seiko watch that YF threw away because it was not keeping time – due to misuse (by him). His loss is my gain 🙂 – although I did give him an Orient divers watch as a replacement for it. I have had it overhauled for about $40 and will be using it as the base for my donor project.

One of the most popular watch modding names in the business is Dagaz Watches which is run out of Hong Kong by Jake Bourdeau.

I have ordered a dial and hands from him and will be making the changeover in the next few days. The dial and hands costs about $60 and I ordered them weeks ago but as usual have not had time to follow through with the project.

I was looking for a dial that covered the date and day window but could only find this one in orange.

dagaz_packagingOpened the packaging on last Thursday however and am now committed to getting it done. It is my first foray into watch modding and I hope that at the end of the day I will have a slightly more unique watch that also becomes a conversation piece.

Stay tuned…


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  1. Hi Ray!

    Always interesting to read your articles about watches.

    What do you think about the Seiko Astro watches?

    I am thinking about buying on next time I am in Japan.

    Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards, Jet

  2. Jet,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Seiko Astron’s are quite popular at the moment and just last week an ‘expert’ I was talking to told me that they are a lot more accurate and better value for money than the Casio Atomic Solar Hybrids that are being advertised.

    The Quartz movements are as accurate as any other Seiko but if you want true GPS accuracy this may be a challenge in Singapore although I have never owned one or tested one so this is just an observation and not a fact based comment.


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