Counterfeit Watches vs Tribute Watches

It was reported in the Singapore Straits Times today that the sale of counterfeit watches is on the rise.

Personally I am NOT a fan of fake products, but to each their own.

Counterfeit watches or fakes should not be confused with tribute watches. Tribute watches are watches that look like a particular, more expensive watch but does not try to pass itself off as one i.e. the dial does not have the name or logo of the watch brand on it and the buyer clearly knows that whilst the watch they are buying closely resembles the “real” thing, it clearly is not.

This example of a Panerai tribute watch shown here does not have any Panerai markings or logos on it. The Seagull movement, dimensions and overall look and feel of the watch looks quite close to the real thing but anything more than a cursory glance will reveal that the watch is not a Panerai.

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  1. Well, tribute watches are really a good choice for those who love a luxurious design but don’t need a watch with outstanding quality, a fake watch will backfire if some body discover what you are wearing, but with a tribute watch, no problem

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