Where can I get my watch repaired cheap?

Jamie one of the readers of this blog sent me this post a few weeks back. Because of my new job, not only have I not been posting on the blog regularly, I have also been delinquent in responding to queries from readers of this blog.


Hi Ray,

Stumbled across your blog and am finding it extremely interesting!

I picked up an old Seiko 5 at an overseas flea market recently, with 7009 movement and Spanish/English days.

Unfortunately it is in pretty bad shape, with scratches and faded lumens.

Would like to ask you for some recommendations on where I can get it cleaned and sent for basic maintenance at a fair price (especially since the watch itself is not very expensive). Most of the links online seem geared toward luxury watches.

Thanks in advance!

My response to this post from Jamie (and it is an offer I am making to all readers of this blog).

If you have a vintage watch that is not very pricey, you can wait 2 – 3 months to get the watch back and if there is nothing majorly wrong with your watch and all it needs is a good service, you can send it to me and I will get it fixed for about $10.

I know a fellow in Jakarta who repairs watches and this is what he charges. He takes a couple of days to service a watch but the long lead time is because I hand carry these watches to and from Jakarta and time it with business trips hence the delay.

Workmanship is decent enough and at those prices what do you have to lose? I do not make a cent from providing this service but I am a watch aficionado and  i enjoy seeing old or vintage watches getting a new lease of life.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    Just happened to google your piece above.

    Incidentally, I am looking to repair/service a vintage automatic watch. It is an INEXPENSIVE watch.

    Is it possible for you to tell me the shops that charge reasonable, not-expensive rates for such repairs/services?

    Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you.

    • Alice,

      That is easy.

      Take it down to Unique Time at the Bencoolen.

      It will cost you less than S$60 depending on what is wrong with it.

      Regards / Raymon

  2. Hi Ray

    I recently acquired a very old Seiko worldtime (6117) where the worldtime function / bezel seems to be spoilt although the watch is keeping good time.

    Do you know where i can get this watch repaired or serviced? I went to a couple repair shops but they said it was too old and they didnt know how to do it.



    • Lionel,

      That’s is a tough one.

      I have only seen this done in Japan BUT I not sure who with.

      Sorry I could not be more help.

      Regards / Raymon

  3. Hi Good day Raymon,

    Glad to read your post on servicing vintage watches. I recently got an old Seiko watch, dated 1960s I believe, the watch is running fine and I was told it has been serviced; however there is a noticeable spot on the dial, possibly the paint was off or due to age… It’s so noticeable that becomes very annoying.

    May I seek your comment as how much it would cost to get the dial fixed/refurbished? other parts on the dial are generally OK, except this spot.

    Your advice is sincerely appreciated!


    • Alex,

      Depending on whether you can find someone to do it in the place, this can cost you about $150 unless you have good contacts in India or Vietnam.

      I used to have such contacts but have stopped travelling to these places and many of these guys are going into other trades or just retiring.


      • Good morning Raymon,

        Thank you very much for the quick reply. Gee, that’s quite a price to just fix a spot on the dial…. I thought it’s just take it out and repaint it with some kind of paint or ink, LOL.

        I wish you still have the contact of those who can still do it, at a much lower price, haha.

        Thank you!


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