A surprise find…

After more than a year I found myself visiting my favourite watch haunts in Singapore last week.

I have written about Ken’s Vintage Watch before but I have not been there in almost two years.

We walked in last Friday and the place was like a market. Business seemed to be thriving.

Aside from the treasure trove of new and old and not so old watches, Ken had three tubs filled with NOS and previously owned watches that he was selling at $15 each.

In one tub were old Seiko’s and Citizens but in another were these NOS Golet, Parco and Kangaro watches.

Ended up buying 5 of them. Two on Friday and another three on Saturday and they all work well. Two of them are pictured here.

I had never heard of the brands before but if I had to guess these watches look as though they were assembled or manufactured in India in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

Looking on-line it is very difficult to find out anything about these watches but the market seems to be flooded with them at the moment.

The Parco watches are really cool and are supposed to be ant-imagnetic and come with Swiss 1 Jewel Swiss movements.

One-jewel watches employ the use of pin levers to keep the balance wheel in check. These pin levers were used before the pellet fork came in, offering a cheap alternative to the jewelled offering.
This old-tech was exceptionally common before cost-effective fabrication of ruby jewels for movement plates were possible.
Whilst one-jewel watches are said to have issues with accurate time-keeping, the loud ticking of the watch as the pin level catches the escapement wheel is really cool.

Date change is similar to some Omegas I have seen before  i.e. fast change date by moving between 1am and 9pm repeatedly.

The stainless steel cases are approx 39mm and 18 mm lug-to-lug. On all five watches fitting straps proved difficult (but not impossible) as the lug holes were made too close to the body and it is a challenge to fit a strap. There is also no way to use a NATO strap with these watches but as you can see from these pictures we managed to get straps for them in the end.

At $25 including a strap, these watches are a bargain so hurry down to Ken’s NOW!

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