Orient Crown Watch Winders

I was walking around Marina Bay Sands a couple of months ago and came across this very professional display area by Orient Crown.

It was the last day they were going to be there and they had some fairly decent offers.

If you have been following my blog, I am not really a fan of watch winders. Then again, I do not really own any high end watches and only service my watches when they stop working or keeping accurate time.

Some of the reasons why I do not use watch winders are:

(1) Costs. I have close to 40 watches which I wear regularly. A watch winder for 20 watches would cost a couple of thousand dollars at least. I just cannot justify the expense because

(2) Need. I have had watches that have not been serviced for close to 40 years and so far except for that 1 Rolex, the rest of the watches that I wear on a regular basis keep perfect time.

(3) Reliability – Unless you get something high end, watch winder mechanisms are notoriously unreliable and often break down. I have had 3 winders fail in the last decade and this is quite frustrating.

(4) Space – Perhaps the least important reason (to me) but winders take up space.

The only time I ever pull out my watch winder is when I am selling a watch. I keep the watch running for about a week before shipping but aside from that I have little need for one.

I am not sure where Orient Crown watch winders are manufactured but if I had to guess, I would say it would be in either China, Vietnam or Indonesia.

The look and feel of their products is quite good but I can find little information on the warranty and the type of mechanisms they use or how reliable they are.

I have replaced a motor on a watch winder before and it is not that difficult but of course most of us will not want to do this so reliability and a good warranty, if something goes wrong would be crucial to me.

Orient Crown have their offices at 605A Macpherson Road and can be contacted at Tel: 65.6591 8875 or at email info@orientcrown.sg. Their winders can apparently also be found at #B2-K8 in The Shoppes at MBS.

Lastly, I was asked if I had to choose between a Mitch & Marc watch winder and something from Orient Crown which would I choose? I would choose the latter. They present better, seem to be better value for money  – and it’s always nicer to support a lesser known brand. 🙂

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  1. Hi Sir, I am looking for an Omega speedmaster professional 3570.50. Do you have any recommendations? Been to Cortina, sincere and THG, the ADs are only offering 8% discount tops. Would appreciate your a good recommendation.

    • Dave,

      I would try getting it at Singapore Airport Duty Free when you are leaving Singapore and pick it up on teh way back or try Watches of Switzerland.
      You can look for Momo at the Vivo City branch or Zen at the Promenade branch.

      Sorry for the slow response. Good luck and let me know how you end up.


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