What Should I buy (Part 2)

Ronald contacted me earlier this month and said he was looking for a watch in the $1100 range.

TagVery happy to hear from him a few days later saying that he picked up this very nice looking Tag Heuer Carrera from Ken’s Vintage Watch.

Looks nice and I hope he enjoy’s it for many years to come.

Like I have said a few times on this blog. If you like what you see and the price is right, Go For It!

There are loads of different watches out there and everyone’s taste is different. As long as you like what you have bought and I wearing, that’s all that matters.


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  1. I am Marcus Chan. I really like your page and the in-depth watch reviews. I just got into watches recently and own 2 ball watches currently. Do check out my blog on books, watches and quotes here: http://bookquotemonster.wordpress.com. It’s great to meet a fellow watch enthusiast! Is it possible for me to join your group for watch viewing/events? Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. hi ray i find hamiton intramatic extremely attractive. do you know where i can get it in singapore? what is the price? what is your view on this watch? should i get this or are there other watches that you would recommend? thank you very much.

  3. Hello Ray!

    Just came across your blog and found it very useful! I am planning to buy a watch for my fiance to gift on our wedding day 🙂

    Would like your opinion on a nice chronograph watch around 3000 SGD. I have been looking at brands like Baume & Mercier, Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Veil, David Yurman and IWC.
    Liked all the designs, but not so sure which brand is durable/reliable in the long term (as this will be a special gift that he would want to keep for the rest of his life, hopefully haha).

    Not sure where to get them as well for a good price. And I am running out of time, as I am leaving Singapore in a week to prepare for the wedding.

    Hope you can enlighten me a bit 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

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