An improvised Watch Box

Have not posted anything for months. Part of the reason has been because I am busy but it is also because I don’t like the new look of this site and so I have been less ‘motivated’ to post anything.

In January, Word Press did an update and the old site had to be “upgraded” but it just does not look and ‘feel’ the same – or as good. Anyway I hope it is just me and readers still find the site useful.

Just because I have not been posting anything, it does not mean that I have not been busy working on watches :).

One project is this Watch Box that I re-purposed from an old Car Speaker Box. I found the box when I was scrounging around a friends car tyre shop looking for rims for my car and commandeered it. Brought it home and sanded it back and gave it a clear coat of lacquer.

Handle With Care was already stamped on it. 

I was having a hard time fixing a metal hinge because of the way the box was designed and was trying to figure out some other way to attach the lid. I finally decided that since it is a watch box, how about using some old watch straps to connect the lid and the main box and give it a look that resembles an old steamer trunk / luggage.

Quite happy with how this project turned out and the wife now uses it to keep her watches.

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