Dietrich Watches

DietrichI almost titled this post “I Finally Got Rid of It“.

I bought this Dietrich late last year and after about 6 months I decided to sell it off.

Aesthetically, the watch is quite eye catching and I was thinking of buying one ever since I saw one displayed in a shop in Jakarta in 2014.

It was one of the rare occasions I bought a watch brand new and from day 1 I was just never really comfortable wearing one.

The Miyota movement feels cheap and ‘loose’ every time you adjust or set the time.

The 24mm strap is a tad too thick and somehow feels disproportionate to the size of watch and the display is not very easy to read and a lot of how it is laid out makes the ‘functions’ available off the dial useless.

I have owned and sold hundreds of watches throughout the years and this was probably the biggest “disappointment” after a Hamilton Petite Seconde I bought in 2012 – which I also sold within 6 months of buying it.

The last disappointment with the Dietrich came when I tried to sell it. Had to sell it a huge loss and it was the biggest loss I have ever made when selling a watch. I was just glad to see it go.

Word to the wise. Think twice about buying a Dietrich and if you do decide to pull the trigger, try and get one on the pre-owned market.Dietrich1  I rarely give a scathing watch review /comment bu from the get go, Dietrich was a disappointment.

A watch with a substandard build quality that was simply overpriced.

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