Farewell 2016

I have not been blogging as much this year as I have in previous years. This is mainly due to work commitments and a new hobby. There are also two other reasons why I have not been as actively in 2016.

The first reason is “rude” people. Since writing the post, “Where to buy a watch in Singapore” I have received more than 400 requests for assistance on where to buy a watch, what model to buy or where to get a watch repaired. I have tried to answer these in a timely manner and only asked for one thing in return, for the individuals who send me such requests to let me know what they ended up doing.

Of the more than 400 requests, less than a dozen people have ever updated me on their final decision. (For those of you that did, THANK YOU very much).

One way I learn about watches is to share experiences with other watch enthusiasts and experts. That is the whole reason why I started this blog. If people just take and do not share, it is very-very disappointing.

Secondly, I have bought and sold hundreds of watches over the years. I made the mistake of trying to sell a few of these hand-picked timepieces on this blog  or on carousell, instead of on the open market where I can get 20 – 30% higher prices. What has ended up happening is people whom I have never met before, coming out of the ether and trying to lowball me on prices  or thinking that I could meet them anywhere in Singapore for them to “view” a watch and then consider buying it.  For example I had this manual wind IWC, Cal.401 for sale at less than $400. I received some pretty crazy requests.

There is nothing wrong with asking for information or help. I welcome the opportunity to respond and learn. There is also nothing wrong in trying to get a good deal but I think courtesy and respect works two ways.

So will I continue to update this blog in 2017? I hope so. I also hope that readers will continue to ask questions or even provide me with advice and keep the communication going two ways…

Best wishes for 2017!

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  1. Hi Raymon,
    Looking to buy a watch for my wife
    Budget less than 1k as its for daily wear
    1) what brand/model would you suggest?
    2) recommended shop to buy
    3) should i get an automatic or quartz with my budget?

    Not really into watches but always loved reading your blog…. hope you can help me with this….. Thanks in advance….Thanks in advance

    • Collin,
      I would look at Tissot or Hamilton and definitely go for an Automatic. You can also get some nice Automatic Orient watches for less than $500 or a Sandoz that looks very much like a Rolex.

      For Tissot or Hamilton, please go to Vivo City – Watches of Switzerland and for Orient and Sandoz you can try the Bencoleen

      Good luck and let me know what you end up with.


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