Hamilton Petite Seconde

Hamilton watches first caught my attention when like most Singaporean servicemen, I was given a nice looking 40mm Hamilton Quartz with the Singapore Army Crest, after completing 12 years of service.

I received mine about 5 years ago and after the original leather strap wore out, I replaced it with an Olive Green NATO strap and use it when I am in Australia. Nice looking watch with a bit of personal history, to wear on casual days at work and on weekends.

A couple of years ago, my friend Ivy, bought a Hamilton for her husband when she was in Singapore and as I was in the shop with her, I looked at a few watches myself and “filed” the brand away as good quality and design watches at reasonable prices – a bit like what Raymond Weil used to be a decade ago,

In a post from last week, readers would know that I bought a Hamilton Khaki GMT Navy just last week and as luck would have it, I happened to find myself in Gassan Watches in Singapore T3 last night as I was flying out to New Zealand and came across this watch…

This Weeks "Dream Watch"
This Weeks "Dream Watch"

In the last few months I have been doing paid research on higher end watches that retail between $30K – $60K and have been looking at brands like A.Langhe & Sohne, Jaegar LeCourte, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piaget and the like and I think this has skewed my taste in watches somewhat.

Whilst I still love the more mundane and dare I say common Submariner’s, Speedmasters and Moonwatches, I have also started developing an interest in more understated and “classy” designs and I am just waiting for my wallet to catch up with my tastes!

The watch pictured above, a Hamilton Railroad Petite Seconde 40645555 however, has at first glance a similar look and feel of these more expensive watches but at a very affordable retail price of about $1250!

It is powered by a simple and ever reliable Swiss ETA movement and is to me just the watch to wear everyday without having to worry too much about damaging it or getting robbed in my travels all over Asia.

I am now going to keep my eyes and ears open for one and see what “opportunity” presents itself. You never know 🙂





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