NZ Pawn Shops

Just arrived in Auckland and had a couple of hours to kill so I went to the front desk at the Rydges where I am staying and asked the guy at the counter whether there were any pawn shops in the area, as I wanted to see what sort of watches these shops had for sale.

Without batting an eyelid he gave me directions to Karangahape Road or “K” Road as the locals sometimes refer to it.

I went up to my room, did some work and came back downstairs about an hour later to confirm the directions and this time he also started giving me the names of some of the more popular “Pawn Shops” on K Road.

From the names he gave me, I almost immediately I realised that we must have gotten our wires crossed. Because of my accent he thought I meant Porn Shops and not Pawn Shops!!!

Once we understood each other, he directed me to a Pawn Shop just around the corner, across the road from the casino. They had a few very sorry looking Rolex and Tag Heuer watches for sale at ridiculous prices. For example, they had an early model ‘pin-hole’, no-date Submariner, without box and papers for NZ$6500 and another sorry looking Rolex Automatic for NZ$3600.

That was the end of that ‘adventure’ but getting directions was interesting!


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