ETA Movements and Rolex Lookalikes

I wrote previously about ETA movements, and having previously owned a Sandoz Submariner – which looks very much like a Rolex Submariner.

I came across a brand in last month’s iW (International Watch) magazine that does pretty much the same thing as Sandoz. Debaufre, is based in the US and according to their website, they use ETA 2893 and ETA 2824 to make GMT and Submariner lookalikes.

Like I said in my previous post about unusual replica watches, I am not sure if I would fork out about $1000 for a Rolex lookalike but if I would definitely choose this option over wearing a ‘replica’ Rolex.

What say you?

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  1. Hi Ray, I think it would be interesting to list all (or most) of the popular watchmarkers that use ETA engines (whether modified or unmodified). I think some people would be surprised by the result.

    • Alex,

      Thanks that is a really great suggestion and I will try and start working on as detailed a list as possible.

      There are, like you suspect so many companies that use ETA movements, that I am not sure if I will be able to list them all.

      Just last week I was at dinner with Christian, a colleague from Germany and we were talking about watches and he made the comment that Rolex watcches are ‘crap’ because they basically have modified ETA movements that were ridiculously overpriced. He was not 100% wrong…

      His brand of choice – Breitling and IWC.

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