Don’t Buy Hanowa Swiss Military Watches!!

Swiss Military Globetrotter
Swiss Military Globetrotter

I was given this Hanowa Swiss Military Dual Time watch a couple of months ago and used it less than 10 times before I noticed that the centre section / bar with the Swiss logo on it was falling out.

I brought it back to Watches of Switzerland to get it fixed as it was still under warranty and the exact same watch that they had on display had the same problem!

I wrote previously that I had bought another Hanowa Swiss Military watch a few months ago for Stephen. It was a rather nice looking Bataillion Automatic that I thought he could use as an everyday watch. When I caught up with him in Sydney yesterday I was quite embarrassed when he told me (after I asked) that this brand new watch was running 15 minutes fast – per day.

He plans to take it into the agent but I just checked their site and they are located in Coffs Harbour. I am sure that the problem will be rectified if he is willing to take the time and drive all the way to Coffs Harbour but I think  that having two brand new watches with such serious Quality problems is terrible and I have written to the manufacturer to let them know this.

Watch this space for an update on their response (or possibly lack thereof). 

I have never experienced anything like this before. Hanowa Swiss Military watches are quite reasonably priced (if they work) but are certainly more expensive than your average Citizen or Casio – who make much more reliable watches.

With the benefit of hindsight, I would now fork out a couple of hundred more for a much more reliable Tissot or Hamilton. Oh well…


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