Tag F1 at the Singapore F1

I posted in November that my first watch buying experiences in Indonesia was buying 5 early Tag Heuer F1 watches for $250.00.

I gave the ‘best’ of the lot to my son Joshua to wear to school and as a knockabout watch and just earlier this week sold the last of the remaining 4 on ebay for $120. All up, I have made about $750.00 from these 4 watches, so quite a good profit for my first foray buying watches in Indonesia – and Josh got a decent watch out of the transaction.

I could have gotten more for this last Tag but I just want to sell a few watches for a new project I am working on…

Tag F1 at Singapore F1 2011

Joshua is now eyeing my 2008 F1 Tag pictured here.

I bought the watch in KL for a good price as well and have used it for more sportier events such as at the 2011 Singapore F1 where I volunteered as a Marshal.

You can just see the sleeve of my uniform in this picture.


This is a picture I took with my BB on race day at the Marshal’s signing on tent.

Overall the experience for yours truly and a handful of returning officials I spoke to was that this year was a bit of a let down. Who knows, 2012 may be better.

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