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In July, Ivy was going to the UK for a holiday and asked me if I knew of any British watch brands. I did not so I went looking through the web and came across some small interesting brands that many would have not heard of in Asia.

Last week, Tom from Chicago wrote to me and said that he was looking at starting his own boutique brand.

C70 DBR1
C70 DBR1

I also blogged about the Hamilton pan-europ-blue-1971 and how I was quite interested in this watch and flying into Sydney yesterday I saw this COSC certified Christopher Ward watch advertised in the Top Gear magazine I was reading.

You can buy it off the Christopher Ward website for a very reasonable STG575.


It feature  an upgraded ETA 251.232 quality movement that qualifies it for certification from the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres, the institute which measures the accuracy and precision of watches made in Switzerland and is apparently limited to a worldwide production run of only 300 pieces.

I am quite tempted to order one and see for myself as it would be my first UK made watch and the email from Tom reminded me of wanting to launch my own watch brand and do something similar but on a much smaller scale to Christopher Ward and I always like to support the ‘small guy’. Lastly it has (to me) similar styling to the Hamilton pan-europ-1971 and overall looks like a pretty stylish ward with a bit of a story for an attractive price.

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