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When we were in Parkes NSW for the Elvis Festival in January last year we came across a couple of old Swiss watches with automatic / ETA movements that were not really worth very much but which held sentimental value to the owner.

Writing the post on Alex’s Jaguar watch, I was reminded of this and that I always wanted to tell readers that if they ever had a watch they wanted repaired – at a reasonable price, just drop me an email and I will try and point you in the right direction.

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  1. Hi there, I live in Newcastle NSW. I bought a Rolex GMT in Hong Kong at a Rolex agent in 1971. I regularly had it serviced at the Rolex service centre in HKG, as I spent a lot of time there due to my employment. I am now retired and no longer travel to Hong Kong. My question is, could you please direct me to a watchmaker, who at a reasonable price, will service my watch, as it stopped working about twelve months ago. Will it be able to be repaired by an independent watchmaker, or will I have to take it to the Rolex service centre. The reason I say that because I read on your blog that Rolex is no longer selling watch parts. thanking you

    • Ronald,

      My apologies for the slow response.

      You can get your watch serviced / repaired in Sydney by an independent watchmaker. You will not need to send it in to Rolex at this stage.

      One person you can reach out to is:

      Suite 403, Level 4, Culwulla Chambers
      67 Castlereagh St. Sydney 2000 NSW Australia
      Phone: (02) 9232 0500 Fax: (02) 9233 2273

      He will not be cheap but from reputation he will do a good job.

      He has an excellent watch blog as well – although I do find his prices a bit on the high side.

      I hope this helps and if you would like another referral or if you have another question, please do not hesitate to let me know.

      Regards / Raymon

  2. Hi there. I’ll be moving to Singapore in a few weeks and have a 1970s Felca Seascoper III that hasnt worked for 20 years. I guess the movement needs replacing, and the dial could do with a clean asthere is some evidence of what appears to be copper corrosion. Nothing fancy just enough to get it working and keepingbtime, not a full restoration. Are you aware of anywhere in Sg that could do this at a reasonable price? Man thanks

    • Steve,
      Thank you for your question. The Seascoper III is a nice watch. Unless there is something seriously wrong with the watch, I do not think you will need to get the movement replaced. You can do this at Unique Time in Bencoolen on Bencoolen Street. It should not cost you more than $80 to do this. More than happy to meet you there and make an introduction. Just drop me an email at or call me at 98162740.
      Regards / Raymon

    • Hi Steve,

      I came across this thread doing some searching on a Felca Seascoper iii . You stated that you had one that needed service?? If you still have one and are willing to sell it, please email me at kkhan23ATmsnDOTcom (remove AT, DOT and replace with appropriate caricatures) Willing to pay appropriately for one in decent to good condition.

      Kind regards

      • Khurram,
        Are you based in Singapore?
        If you are, I think there are a couple of places you can go to find one.
        Let me know.

        • HI Ray,

          Thanks for your reply. Nope, i am in New York 🙂 If you can put me in touch with someone selling one, That would be great and immensely appreciated.
          you can email me directly at


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