Omega Titanium – Finally Sold!

Omega Titane
Omega Titanium
I have owned this great Omega Titanium for about 5 years and have worn it ‘sparingly’ – basically because I have more than 30 ‘daily wear’ watches.
100% original, keeps good time and looks quite unique because of the matte dark gray look, as opposed to shiny stainless steel of most other watches.
Omega Titane Close-Up
Omega Titane Close-Up

The sale of this watch has been jinxed and I have never had such a hard time selling a watch in my life! There have been at least 3 frustrated attempts on ebay alone. In the last transaction where this watch was sold, the buyer  – ebayer 22jikki started haggling with us on price after winning the bid because the wally thought he was bidding in Singapore dollars instead of US dollars.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is another good example. I bought this watch a few years ago because I liked it and got it at a good price. Worn it a few times and decided to sell it to make way for new watches but the ‘style’ is not as popular as it was a few years ago, when Titanium watches were considered cool.
The lesson here – aside from the fact that are some real clowns on ebay nowadays – is that there are good deals to be had when buying watches overseas. I constantly find that what is considered ‘cool’ in one country is not as popular in another and trade on this disparity either to pick up a good watch and sell it for a decent profit or to get a new addition to my collection.
There are opportunities out there!

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