Overpriced Watch Prices in Australia

We all know stuff in Oz is expensive and the same ‘rule‘ applies to previously owned watches.

Just today I saw a 1993, SS, pin-hole, non fixed link, Rolex Submariner 16610 for sale at a Special Price of $4999.00 in Sydney. The same watch can be had – in probably better condition – for about $1000.00 less overseas.

To compound matters, this guy selling this watch, is famous for being difficult to deal with and openly calls people who make enquiries but do not buy from him time wasters.

Today’s “tip” – buy overseas, if you are on the market for a previously owned watch. There are some really, really good people to deal with abroad, who sell watches at fair prices. In most cases they have nice shops, have been in business for years, provide buy-back guarantees and offer a full warranty. Plus there is also that added bonus of buying a memento from a jaunt abroad.

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