Many of us may have heard rumblings from watch repairers over the last few months about the scarcity of spares for ‘common’ brands like Rolex and Omega.

In Australia, Rolex and Richemont, which manages brands like Cartier have stopped supplying spare parts to watchmakers. This means that if we want to get our watches serviced or repaired, we will have no choice but to send our watch back to the agent or manufacturer. I am starting to see the same thing happen in Singapore and this is a worry.

This is akin to us buying a car and having to only send it back to the dealer or manufacturer if we wanted to have any work done to it. Many of us would not stand for it as costs would almost definitely be very high and motor repair workshops would be up in arms as well.

In most countries there is very little the consumer can do about this but fortunately in Australia, consumers can petition The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to act on this practice that is restricting ‘fair trade’.

A watchmaker in Australia has started a petition going and I would encourage watch aficionados out there to sign the petition and support this campaign.

The link to the website is –

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