Buying watches in Vietnam – 1

Minh Quy
Minh Quy

I have mentioned in previous posts that I travel to Vietnam frequently and used to buy watches whenever I came across a good deal.

Sadly though, these days many of the dealers who sold genuine watches at reasonable prices have gone out of business or gone into the more lucrative business of making watches like those of Yuki Watch.

There are however a few dealers with good reputations and over the next few days I will be posting information about them on this blog.

Minh Quy (pictured here) is probably the most world known and reputable dealer in Saigon. Watches are 100% genuine but prices, in my opinion are not competitive. I find prices in Singapore far more reasonable. If however if you feel like buying a watch whilst on holiday or travelling on business in Saigon, they are a “safe” bet.

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