Buying Watches in Vietnam – 2

Dong Khoi Street Kiosk
Dong Khoi Street Kiosk

This is a stall towards the end of Dong Khoi Street in District 1 in Saigon. It is located just in front of this really cool bookshop called Xuan Thu Bookshop. I spent a couple of hours in it a few weeks ago browsing through an eclectic collection of books on a wide array of topics. It was raining cats and dogs and I was waiting out the rain.

The guy who runs this kiosk is about 55 years old and I have bought a couple of watches from him over the years – and they have all been genuine.

Be sure to ask him upfront if the watches are genuine and then negotiate with him from there. He will normally give you a 20 – 30% discount. Over the years however he, like everyone else is finding it hard to get original watches so I have not bought anything from him in about 24 months.

He also has some other cool stuff as well like lighters, cameras and other knick knacks. Just like his watches, be sure to ask him what is genuine and what is not.

I bought a Rado Purple Gazelle from him for about $20.00 about 4 years ago and spent about $5 getting it polished and oiled and I use it every time I am in Sydney. Keeps time, 100% original and something I plan to keep as a reminder that there are bargains out there.

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