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Seiko SKZ320K1
Seiko SKZ320K1

I mentioned in my previous post, that whilst on holiday in Penang, I was quite tempted to buy this nice looking Seiko 5, Model SKZ320K1, from this watch shop that was beside the hotel.

Before making a decision to buy the watch, I thought I would check on line to see what the reviews were. I was not concerned about the movement as it was an ever reliable Seiko 5 and I know this will last forever. What I was concerned about was the bracelet as it was painted brown and I was concerned that it would scratch after a few uses.

While I was looking through for some feedback on the watch, I came across a couple of online retailers that had the same watch advertised for about $100 less. It just reminded me that I should always check on line and at other shops before buying something on impulse.

Luminox Recon
Luminox Recon

This Luminox Recon that I was looking at in the same shop, I also could buy online for about $100 less.

Like I mentioned in the Penang post, we did buy a Casio that looked like an IWC Big Pilot watch and we went to a shop in Singapore to get a new NATO strap for it. I am not sure who else in Singapore has such a wide selection of NATO straps but the selection on sale at Superchrono which is located on the 2nd floor in Sim Lim is quite wide and you buy and get one fitted for about $16 or 3 for about $40.


Whilst browsing in the shop, I saw that they had a few Tissot Sea-Touch watches for sale. I have thought these watches looked cool and would make an ideal watch to wear when travelling to countries that I do not consider very safe. It was a ‘good’ watch, gave you street cred but if I got robbed or mugged, I would not feel too bad about handing over a Tissot as compared to one of my Rolexes. They not only cost a bit more than the Tissot but also have some sentimental value attached as most of the Rolexes I own, have a story as to why I bought it.

The list price on a Tissot Sea Touch is about SGD1600. I tried one on in a department store in Saigon last month and they wanted SGD1800 for it. My buddies at Watches of Switzerland in Vivo City could only sell me the watch for about SGD1300 and on line they cost about SGD950.00.

On a whim I asked the lady at Superchrono if she would take SGD900 for the watch. She called Davis, the owner and he agreed. I paid the SGD900 and picked it up a couple of days later as I wanted them to have a new battery put in so that I could use it for a couple of years without having to worry about it and I am – 1 week later – still satisfied with my purchase.

I added the line about still being satisfied with the watch as I know that Superchrono has a pretty poor reputation based on reviews I have read on the web. Davis does not come across as a friendly or approachable person but I find that most watch guys are not. I am not sure why but I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that they meet a lot of “tyre kickers” in their line of work. I am not defending the guy but I just wanted to include this comment in my blog as it is very easy to list negative comments or feedback but people seldom bother to day anything nice. All of us are guilty of this.

Anyway, I hope the message comes across loud and clear. Shop around before making that purchase and Happy Collecting!



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