It’s been awhile…

It’s been a couple of months since my last post. Been busy with work and have had other distractions to take my focus away from watches.

I did make trip to Saigon last month and sad to say, I was not able to find a single watch that was worth buying. The watches that were on sale were either in poor condition or ‘good’ watches were simply overpriced.

Given the option of buying a watch from a reputable dealer in Singapore who can also provide good after sales service and buy-back guarantee’s and a dealer in Vietnam, the latter’s prices would have to be very attractive for me to take a punt.

I was also in Japan in August and here we have a huge selection of dealers to choose from. Service is good and there is little concern about the authenticity of the timepiece. Unfortunately though, compared to a couple of years ago, the Japanese yen is much stronger so prices are a little too steep.

Oh well, it looks like I will have to keep trolling other countries, websites and shops in Singapore when the mood suits me.

Will keep you posted!


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