Buying Previously Owned or 2nd Hand Watches

I am sure many of us have browsed ebay and been tempted to buy a watch that is on sale.

Alternatively, we could have come across a shop somewhere that was selling used or 2nd Hand watches.

As a novice, we would definitely be concerned about the authenticity of the watch on sale and the last thing any of us want is to find out that a watch that we thought we were getting a good deal on was a fake!

If I find that I am interested in buying the watch on offer, my first step would be to check out the credibility of the seller.

Buying off ebay

This is quite easy to do on ebay.

Based on where the seller is located, the number of successful transactions he or she has had and the ratings from people they have bought or sold from, one can get a good idea of the sellers credibility.

I have been buying off ebay for years and have not had a transaction ‘go wrong’ with an established retailer on ebay.

A word of caution ! Unless I am 100% certain of the description of the model on sale and I have touched or tried on a similar model before, I make sure I get a clear and accurate description from the seller or I choose not to buy.

In my early days of buying off ebay, I have ended up with watches that were not exactly what I wanted. This is not because the seller deceived me but rather because I had failed to check the full details of the watch or item I was buying so I sometimes ended up with a watch that was ‘too small’ or the condition was not as I hoped.

I find that watches are something that I like to try on before buying to see how they look, feel and fit.

Buying from Shops

I travel all over the Asia Pacific region and have bought watches or dealt with watch shops and dealers in Japan, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Fortunately, I have not had many negative experiences and over the years, I have followed these simple rules:

(1) Never buy in a hurry

(2) If the price of the watch is “too good to be true” that is probably because it is a fake.

(3) Try and go to the shop with a ‘local’

(4) Try and find out about the history or background of the shop in question. I have been to shops in Asia that look very run down. That is because the shop has been around for decades and the owner has a solid reputation so he is not too concerned about outward appearances as he trades on his reputation

(5) Build up a relationship with the owner if you come across a shop that has good prices and are selling genuine watches. I have a few of these shops that I frequent and it is always easier, more comfortable, safer and (hopefully) a better chance of getting a good deal from someone with whom you have done business with before.

If you have any other suggestions on how to go about buying 2nd hand watches, please share it with the other readers on this blog.

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