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I have always liked Tag Heuer’s and own a couple of Formula 1’s but I have always found the link series of Tag Heuer watches to be a problem.

Mr buddy Bill, has a S99006K that took me more than a year to get fixed. I eventually gave up and he ended up taking it in to Tag Heuer in Sydney who managed to help him out with his problem.

There was nothing wrong with the watch per se. It was working and keeping time. The problem with these watches are their bracelets which are unique and costly to repair or replace. Richard, my friend in Brisbane got a quote on a brand new replacement bracelet from Tag Heuer and the replacement bracelet cost more than the complete watch on the resale market!!

After shopping around he managed to buy an original bracelet from Authentic Watches.com a 100% online store operating in SoCal. Not surprisingly, prices were lower than what we could get in Australia and they were very professional to deal with.

The item shipped was as described and delivery was prompt. There was only one problem with the item. Richard forget to check how long the bracelet would actually be as he assumed that since it was a brand new bracelet, it would be the full length. When it was delivered he found that it was still too short and I had to help him take a link off the old bracelet so that he could use the new one comfortably.

As usual with online shopping – be sure to read the fine print and get a full and detailed description before making your purchase to avoid disappointment. I am at the stage now where I sometimes prefer to pay a few dollars more and buy an item from an actual shop where I can actually feel and touch an item as opposed to buying online.

Another piece of advice – avoid Tag Heuer link wacthes if you can 🙂

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