Hanowa Swiss Military – Part IV

I have been complaining about the Hanowa Swiss Military watch I bought in August 2011 for a while. After getting it repaired for the 2nd time in January, the watch has now stopped working completely and I will try, yet again, to get it fixed. If I have to spend too much, I will probably just have to throw it away.

I was just informed today that Watches of Switzerland in Singapore has stopped carrying the brand. The salesman I spoke to said that they were getting too many complaints from customers.

Quite of few of the newer watch brands like Kenneth Cole, Sottomarino and Arbutus just to name a few, make watches that use China movements. I would give them a miss wherever possible as I think quality is still a bit dodgy and the Chinese watch industry will need a few more years to catch up with the rest of the world. There are heaps of good quality Japanese and Swiss watches out there at comparable prices and I would recommend you buy one of these watches.

When on the market for a new watch, I would check where they movements were actually manufactured and possibly also where they are assembled. Casio for example have (decent) watches with Japanese movements that are assembled in China and Sandoz for example use Swiss ETA movements but their watches are not necessarily assembled in Switzerland.

If you need any advice or questions on a particular watch brand and the pedigree of specific models even, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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