Issey Miyake Trapezoid watches

Issey Miyake Silat
Issey Miyake Silat

I was walking through MBK in Bangkok a month or so ago and saw these watches on sale in a few shops. They immediately caught my eye and I almost bought one for the wife on the spot but watches, like jewelery and clothes are very personal and I thought it would be better for her to see the watch in person and  decide for herself.

Coincidentally, my sister also started talking about getting a watch for casual wear and I suggested she look at these ISSEY Miyake watches as well. They have Seiko Quartz movements so no concerns about reliability in that area.

There are only 3 authorised retailers in Singapore – Robinson’s, Tangs and Takashimaya and their model name is Silat.

Tang’s has the widest range and Robinson’s the most limited (with only 3 colours). We ended up buying the watches at Takashimaya as it was closest to us and the sales staff at Robinson’s at MBS were neither very competent nor polite.

It was a good thing I waited to buy the watch in Singapore. It is about $80 cheaper than in Bangkok and if you buy 2 or more at the same time, you get an additional 15% off plus another 5 – 5.5% if you are a foreigner or if you have a Robinson’s card. At $360.00, this makes it even cheaper than buying it off ebay!

Nice watch at a nice price.

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