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Ivy asked me this question recently – Could you please recommend some watches from UK, with good reputation and quality and reasonable price?

This is something that I have never looked at before and after surfing the web for a few minutes I came across a few names. They all seem to be small companies like H. Pinchbeck and Robert Loomes with a couple making some unique looking timepieces.

IWI Watch
An IWI Watch

If I were buying a watch strictly because I liked the look, one brand that caught my attention was IWI Watches, named after its founder Ian Walsh. Each watch is made by hand and to individual customer specifications.

According to the website, each watch is individually built, finished, inspected and tested by Ian himself!

One thing I did find a bit unusual was the fact that nothing is mentioned about the movements used. It would not be surprising if they were the reliable ETA movments that are used by watchmakers the world over. You can find out more about this company at –

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  1. I could blow my own trumpet but…
    Roger Smith makes his own watches from scratch. He is the main man.
    McGonegal Brothers also make their own watches from scratch (Ireland but this list is short)
    Frodshams are within a gnat’s whisker of making a new English watch. It will be superb.
    Simon Michlmayer of Norwich will make you a watch to order – very good watchmaker not good at blwing his own trumpet.
    Robert Loomes now make some watches using nothing but English components
    J and T Windmills make watches with imported components but won an ASA ruling that their “made in England” was justified as the components are worked on and built here.
    Dent claim “made in England” but seem cagey about what movement they use.
    IWI use Swiss movements but make their own cases and dials. Good blokes in my opinioon.
    Harold Pinchbeck use swiss movements but make their own cases and dials
    There are a lot of other, small, companies who have watches made for them, either in Switzerland or China. Some have big marketing budgets which mask, somewhat, what they are.
    The list is short but growing. If I left anyone off it is in error not malice.
    The British Horological Institute have made a few hundred toubillons, using Chinese movements. Probably the best value uk tourbillon there is.

    • Robert,

      Thank you for your post.

      Great information – especially for those of us (like me) who do not know much about watches made in the UK.

      Please feel free to post a comment or make suggestions on how you think I can improve the blog anytime.


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