BALL Engineer Master Diver TMT Limited Edition DLC

Was out for dinner with David, a friend from Australia last night and saw that he was wearing an unusual looking watch.

Engineer-Master-II-Diver_-1It turned out to be a Limited Edition Ball Engineer Master Diver.

On closer inspection, what I thought to be an oversized power reserve sub-dial turned out to be a thermometer. As you can see from the picture, it is a very handsome looking watch and the DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish that looks like PVD is uber cool

Always found Ball to be an interesting brand but like other newer brands their prices are creeping up as the brand becomes more popular.

Like many Ball watches, the Ball 9018 movement used in the Engineer Master Diver is based on an ETA movement, in this case an ETA 2892 with the mechanical module added for the thermometer.

Ball is quite clever in that they ‘wrap’ different body styles around the same movement and give it a different name and branding. Nothing wrong with this but it can only be the MO for X period of time. Sooner or later the market will wise up to this sleight of hand and sales will be affected. In the meantime though, it is a formula that seems to be working.

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