Vintage Jaguar Watch

Jaguar Jump-Hour
Jaguar Jump-Hour

Just got my buddy Alex’s watch repaired. It is a Jaguar jump-hour circa the 40’s or 50’s. It has taken me awhile to get it fixed because of the age of the watch and the amount of work that needed to be done.

When Alex, handed it to me, the hand (it only has a second hand) and the dials that mark the hour and minutes had fallen off. I at first thought that it had to be glued back on and that the watch was a single hand watch but it turned out to be a jump-hour.

Fully serviced, it now keeps time and is working great. It is a manual wind watch and if you look closely at the picture you will see that the minute markers, the words Jaguar and 17 Jewels are all printed on the inside of the glass. This makes the watch even more unique, especially when you consider that Alex got it from his dad when he was a boy and had, until the last decade or so, been wearing it regularly. It has stood the test of time quite well so after the service, I did not get the watch polished as I do not think it needs it.

This cost of getting the watch repaired and serviced is about 50% of what I think the watch is worth today. It is well worth doing if you have a watch that has sentimental value or if you want a unique looking timepiece that can be used for years to come. Certainly not a project for someone who is looking at making a quick buck.

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  1. Hi Ray,
    I’m planning to sell my Omega Seamaster black dial quartz which I bought in year 2000. It’s in good working condition with certificate & box as I’m the first owner.
    May I know who are the good dealers whom I could fetch a good price? Any idea about what price I could fetch? Thanks in advance bro.

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