Sandoz Submariner

I have always had a soft spot for Sandoz Submariners so when I was in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago, I finally bought one to replace the Sandoz I sold on a whim, a few years ago.

Sandoz Submariner
Sandoz Submariner

This Hong Kong version (like the one pictured here) is very similar to the Singapore models. The main physical difference is that instead of the Sandoz Shield ‘attached’ to the dial (which gives it a more substantial look), the Hong Kong version has the Sandoz S ‘painted on’.

I also chose to go with the green and black bezel version as seen in this picture. Rolex does not produce a bezel like this so this Sandoz will not be mistaken for a Rolex.

As far as I can tell both the Singapore and Hong Kong versions use the same ETA movement. The watch I bought keeps very accurate time and has an impressive power reserve.

The bracelet on the Hong Kong model does not feel as firm as the Singapore models but given that the watch costs less than $300, I am a fan.

My colleague Seng Chuan, also picked up one for himself and gives the same positive feedback on the watch. I also picked up a 43 mm Sandoz ‘Jumbo’ that looks like an Omega 300 for Craig. This is a really good looking watch that looks and feels even better than the Sandoz Submariner. This link has more pictures of this really cool looking watch.

There are heaps of more detailed reviews on these watches on the internet. My final point is that like the Orient Mako, if you are on the market for a decent looking daily wear watch that is a little more unique, these Sandoz watches are what I would recommend.

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  1. Hello :

    Planning a trip to HK in Sept. Would like to know where I may find Sandoz Watches.. in a fan myself having a couple of subs in my stash.

    Hope to hear from you – Cheers

    • Jay,
      Sorry for the late response.

      You can find Sandoz watches that are made in Hong Kong in most high street watch shops.

      I buy my Sandoz watches from either Truely Treasury Gold and Jewellery or Yau Wing Jewellery & Watch Company.

      They are located at 400+ Henessey Road

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