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I do not normally post personal or non watch related topics on this blog but something happened last month that I think was extremely negligent and irresponsible.

We had 3 cats in Singapore and usually get a catsitter named Rick from Pet Mobile to look after them when we travel. We have been using him for about 6 years and whilst we have noticed a drop in standards we still kept using him. This was a big mistake on our part.

Our cat Stamford went missing on 6th April and got hit by a car on 7th April. He was picked up by the SPCA on the 9th and the SPCA posted a notice in the Straits Times looking for his owner so that we could see him before they put him down as he was very badly injured.

Rick only informed us that he was missing on the 11th of April.

Cats run away or get injured. This is normal and we can accept that. What is so disgusting and completely negligent is that our professional cat sitter only informed us he was missing 4 days after he was hit by a car.

StamfordRick has apologised BUT we will never use him again and I would caution anyone else thinking of using him and his company. What he has done is totally unacceptable.



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    • Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry to read about your very sad loss of Stamford.

      Regarding Fiona, I’ve spoken to her before. I am not engaging her because she is not flexible in a small request, and was rude.

      I found someone else who is more accommodating and friendly.

      Thanks for the recommendation though.

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